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Welcome to Fr. Peter Dugandzic's Blog. I am a Roman Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, New York. Please note that while I try my best to always present Church Teaching, everything posted in this blog is the personal opinion of the author and not the official position of any parish with which I am affiliated or the Diocese of Rockville Centre.

Marriage and the Supreme Court III

Since the recent ruling by the Supreme Court, I have been using this column to discuss the error our culture has promoted in its ongoing attempt to redefine Marriage, which is not limited to so called gay marriage alone. In last week’s column, I was refuting the claim that in the decision rendered, #lovewins. In fact, the truth be told, the correct hashtag would be, #lustwins. As I pointed out, marital love is one distinct form...

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Marriage and the Supreme Court II

If you recall, last week I began a new reflection on Marriage in light of the decision rendered by the Supreme Court on June 26. Since that decision was handed down, there have been further claims made that continue to distort what Marriage truly is. Being surrounded by the dictatorship of relativism, Catholics are responsible to speak the Truth revealed by God, and are to proclaim that Truth to a world steeped in error. In this...

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Marriage and the Supreme Court

Note: this article is part of a series I am publishing in the parish bulletin at Blessed Sacrament. From the Pastor If you recall, in 2011 I offered a series of articles on Marriage as ordained by God. The occasion that elicited them was when Governor Cuomo redefined marriage in New York State to include same sex couples. That series, if you recall, noted how the push for so-called gay marriage was only the most recent...

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The Beat Goes On

Archbishop Cordileone Speaks Up on Marriage  The National Organization for Marriage, a non-profit group that formed in 2007 to lobby in defense of traditional marriage, has arranged a march in Washington D.C. for June 19. This will be the second such march, which they have made an annual event. The organization planned the march in order to stress the need for traditional marriage, that is, a permanent bond between one man and one woman. It should...

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