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Marriage and the Supreme Court V

For the past few weeks I have been reflecting on certain factors that have seemingly redefined Marriage and how, even though the Supreme Court recently attempted to do so by legalizing gay marriage, the reality of Marriage remains unchanged. When it comes to the Truth, the Church remains a guardian. And with the many dissenting secular voices today, when it comes to the Truth of Marriage, the Church and all those who consider themselves members of the Church are also guardians. Since the earliest days of this country, Catholics have been persecuted and often kept from holding public office for fear the country would be ruled by a foreign entity, that is, the pope. Catholics and Catholic values have always been suspect in the minds of many Americans, even though a significant percentage of the country is Catholic. It is not that our Catholic values should dominate the public forum, but neither should they be dismissed merely because they are Catholic. Having reached an extreme of being marginalized, we can remain silent no longer.

In a quick examination of the laws being considered or enacted, one can see a trend in which many are attempting to establish what some call “orgasm rights”, that is, laws that approve of and secure a right to sexual pleasure without limits, and to be free from any responsibility that comes with sexual activity. In this regard, Catholics in all walks of life should be proclaiming the Truth, especially those in positions in which he or she can make a difference. With all the confusion surrounding Marriage, Love, and sex, it is no wonder our society continues to pass laws that betray the Truth, and that many people see those laws as a good for our society. Catholics in the public square have been silent as these laws pass. There are many that view the passing of such laws as progress and evolution, but in reality, especially in the moral realm, it is apparent that we continue to regress and devolve. The laws regarding gay marriage are just one example of how extensive this confusion has become.

As we look around today, there are more Catholics holding important positions in our country than ever before, including six of the nine Supreme Court Justices. For obvious reasons, no one would expect Catholics who serve in public office to surrender their decisions to the will of the Church. However, Catholics who serve in public office should not make decisions or pass laws that are antithetical to the Truth as ordained by God. We must recall that the Church was established as a beacon and guide of souls to salvation, and every member of the Church is responsible to assist others on the way of salvation. Unfortunately, for many in our country today, freedom of religion turned into freedom from religion, and this move has endangered the eternal salvation of the souls of a great many people.

In fact, the separation between Church and state has become absolute in recent decades, and many Catholics accept this separation as a de facto reality. Because of the perceived separation, Catholics acquiesce in the public forum and act as the Catholic politicians do, they do not bring their Faith to the public forum. If one is truly a Catholic, there can be no bifurcation of views, one being religious and one being secular. Too many Catholics live and act as if Catholicism only happens on Sunday, and live as a secular American the other six days of the week. A Catholic is a Catholic seven days a week, and our primary mission is to spread the Good News of Salvation to every human person.lastjudgement

While there is a great deal more than can be said on this topic, I will bring these reflections to a close by entrusting the future of our country, and the reality that is Marriage, to the intercession of the Blessed Mother. It is the pure and virginal Blessed Mother Who images the Church, that is, the Bride of Christ. Each time we gather for Holy Mass, we celebrate the Wedding Feast of the Lamb. The Blessed Virgin Mary, Who valued Life more than Her Own lifestyle, said yes to the Marriage that unites God and humanity. It is this Union that is celebrated in every sacramental Marriage and no human being can ever change that reality. May the Blessed Mother protect all human beings from error and sin, and may She lead them along the path to Eternal Life.

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Marriage and the Supreme Court IV



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