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Welcome to Fr. Peter Dugandzic's Blog. I am a Roman Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, New York. Please note that while I try my best to always present Church Teaching, everything posted in this blog is the personal opinion of the author and not the official position of any parish with which I am affiliated or the Diocese of Rockville Centre.

An Overlooked Obituary

On the evening of November 29, 2014, after a long and serious struggle with the deadly lucrum virus, the Season of Advent collapsed and was officially declared dead. Immediately after the declaration of death, festive decorations were put up and joyous holiday music was played everywhere to make sure no one missed it. The Season, which not too long ago was vibrant and capable of going strong for four weeks, had been growing weak in recent...

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'Tis the Season... To Attack the Church

The atheists are at it again and the levels of illogic in this scheme are astounding... and yet so many people believe this group is on to something. Click here to see a news report on their most recent ad campaign.  The real problem is not the atheists, but Catholics and other Christians who are not willing to defend Our Lord and the Church from such attacks by reforming their own lives. The solution to this...

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The Real War

I am convinced now more than ever that the real war is not on Christmas, but on Advent. Simply put, Catholics no longer celebrate the Season of Advent. We are all so worried these days about the lack of those who acknowledge Christmas that we are forgetting the season we are in -- The Season of Advent. Case in point, the number of people who believe today is the first day of the 12 Days of...

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Shall We Play a Game?

Is It about a Winning Move? I came across a news report about two teachers from a Catholic Acadamy in Boston who were fired because they conceived a child out of wedlock. The official statement noted that all the teachers sign an agreement that they would adhere to the teachings and principles of the Catholic Church, which are among "many other criteria essential for employment." Generally speaking, the dismissal of employees for cause rarely makes the...

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War on Christmas?

Is there a battle to "save" Christmas? It seems today that many Christians claim there is a "war on Christmas." I find the terminology curious because war usually connotes those who take sides in the battle and are clear which side they are on. Yes, there are many "businesses" that wish to keep their customer base broad so they try to avoid seeming exclusive to one group or tradition. Yes, there are polititicians who have the...

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