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It is interesting how the transparency of the current synod on the Family has led to wild conclusions across the board, as if this particular synod had authority and power greater than Jesus HImself. Unlike previous synods, this one has allowed the internal discussions and publications to be available to the public. In this regard, Pope Francis obviously enjoys being more transparent, as can be seen in the many interviews he has granted. There is a great deal of good in doing so, but it also contains a potential pitfall that will eventually create more problems than have been solved. In being transparent, anyone and everyone have been privy to the discussions and anyone and everyone have taken sides in the debates.  Because of the transparency and public discussions, there are many being convinced that grand changes are coming and that their personal situation will soon be affirmed.

What will be the effect when these changes do not happen, which in all likelihood will be the case?

Imagine if the theological debates leading up to the publication of Humanae Vitae were as public as these proceedings have been for this synod. The issuing of Humanae Vitae became a source of great disillusion, even though much of the preliminary discussions were kept private. Imagine if the behind-the-scenes discussions had been made public at the time (they have since been revealed and the majority voted for change). When Pope Paul VI considered all that had been deiberated, he humbly submitted to the Truth and upheld the Tradition. In this regard, the Church does not base doctrine on opinion polls.

Yes, transparency can be a good thing, but it seems that right now it is setting up the Church for a tremendous amount of disillusionment and widespread dissention.

At this point, everyone should take a step back and recall that there are educated individuals who are having conversations on contentious topics, and not setting policy or doctrine. It is a gift for the general public to be privy to the discussions, but recall that the Church has long history of such discussions. In the end, the discussions are ordered to the promulgation of the Truth. Anything promulgated at the end comes from prayer and discernment of the Truth, and not from what the majority wants. Pray that those involved in the synod are guided by the Holy Spirit, and not our rebel human passions.

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